Investment options with Select

Your financial adviser may recommend one of the 'ready-made' Selected Portfolios; or you may find that a Custom-Built Portfolio is better suited to your needs.

Selected and GBP Portfolios

  • The Selected and GBP Portfolios are a Discretionary Investment Management Service (DIMS) under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013.  Select Wealth has obtained a licence from the Financial Markets Authority to provide DIMS.
  • You may find that one of the Selected and/or GBP Portfolios, constructed by JMI, our research investment consultant, to fit your particular needs.
  • The Selected and GBP Portfolios have been constructed to fit the needs of different investor profiles from conservative to growth objectives.  
  • The performance of these portfolios is continually monitored by JMI, and adjusted if manager performance or investment circumstances change.

Custom-Built Portfolios

  • If you would prefer an individually tailored investment, your Adviser can construct a Custom-Built Portfolio using any combination of securities through Select based on your outlook and goals.
  • You tailor an investment solution from an array of options across the following asset categories: 
    • Cash and cash equivalents
    • NZ fixed interest
    • International fixed interest
    • Listed property
    • Australasian equities
    • International equities
    • Other.


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